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With advancement of technology, the smart textile industry is moving at a rapid pace.  A market prediction states that smart textiles would reach over USD 1.5 billion by 2021. Smart textile market is projected to have great impact in the medical sector, with innovations to cure patients with even the chronic disease. Imagine just being at home while your smart garment monitors your health and shares that information with your doctor without you actually having to visit. Though, this has already been implemented for sports, the time is near when smart textile will lead all the sectors.

Few smart textile companies to look forward to in the years are as follows

1. Adidas

Smart shoes were just the beginning for the company. Last year, it has further unveiled the Adidas Smart Shirt that has sensors sewn-in the smart fabric which measures heart and respiratory activity. The company further plans to launch a series of smart textile products in the future. We can’t wait.

2. BodiTrak

The 25 year old smart fabric products from Vista Medical Inc. based in Canada, is a pioneer in creating smart textile solutions for medical, sports and consumer. 

3. Clothing+

A Finnish company specializing textile-integrated biometric sensor components for sports and medical. The company unveiled its first heart rate-sensing shirt in 1988 and then began the mass production of heart rate sensor strap in 2002. 

4. DuPont

DuPont’s innovative smart fabric is divided into various categories to ensure cut protection, flame resistant fibre for fire dangers, breathable barrier protection, and for chemical protection. 

5. LifeSense

This Netherland based wearable technology company also offers smart textiles designed majorly for women, to solve urine leakage issues through their innovative underwear made with nanotechnology textile

6. New Textile Technologies

NTT’s high-tech smart textile products have majorly to do with compression.  The company’s compression sports suit integrates electro-muscle stimulation that invigorates the muscle growth and shortens the recovery time.

7. Schoeller Textiles

Schoeller Textiles-based in Switzerland specializes in functional textiles, textiles for protection, knitted textiles and technical textiles for sports, medical and lifestyle. 

8. TE Connectivity

In 2019, TE Connectivity- the connector manufacturer, joint forces with Google to unveil smart or connected textiles via Project Jacquard. The partnership problems that were more than just about playing music from the sleeves.

9. VTT

Focusing on wellness and healthcare, VTT has combined wearable sensor techniques with advanced data analytics to create unique wearable solutions for healthy lifestyle. 

10. Under Armour

The company’s high tech Athlete Recovery Sleepwear became quite the talk of the industry because of its smart textile solutions that enhanced the sleep quality and recovery of the muscle.

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