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Towels are such an important, everyday use item. It’s not until you forget to carry your favourite towel while travelling that you start to realize how valuable it is. 

Bath towels and hand and face towels have been around for decades. The current obsession in the world of towels are bamboo towels. 

Frankly, bamboo towels have been widely accepted and adored for its many advantages. We have added the best of these benefits in our newly launched KAWACH FACE TOWELS

Some which are as follows:

Bamboo fiber is the most absorbent material compared with cotton. A blend of bamboo and cotton makes our face towels these face towels twice as absorbent. 

Bamboo Towels are extraordinarily soft. They have this extremely soft feel that will make you want to keep holding them. 

Since bamboo towels are absorbent and soft, there will be no problem of skin irritation. With bamboo coupled with cotton, our towels definitely have that silky feel. 

Bamboo plants are renowned for their fast growth. Besides, there are no pesticides and chemicals required to grow bamboo. So, when you use our face towels, you can be sure that it is all about that love and kindness for Mother Earth.

We realized that we live a high paced life. It might happen that you forget to wash your towels, quite often. But imagine using a towel that is reeking of an unpleasant smell- that is an open invitation to skin diseases. This won’t be the case with our face towels, thanks to the natural antibacterial properties of bamboo. They fight the odour causing bacteria and keep the face towels smelling fresh for a long time. (but do wash your towels, though)

Our bamboo face towels keep the germs away. It is not only the goodness of bamboo but the silver technology that tackles the microbes and steers clear of any problems to the skin. We like to call it protection and care wrapped together. 

If at all the aforementioned reasons fail to convince, we would like to interest you with the fact that our face towels come in six eye-pleasing colours. They would take the look of our bathroom or (anywhere you place them) up a notch. Soft, colorful and protective- that checks all our priority. 

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