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EMI Shielding Garments is the new highlight of the smart textile industry whether it is a simple T-shirt or a more beneficial, maternity garment for the pregnant. This blog discusses the basics of EMI Shielding Garment.

electromagnetic interference….what??

Electromagnetic Interference or ‘EMI’ is simply, the interference that disrupts the proper functioning of a device. Not to be confused with EMF– Electric and Magnetic fields.

Should we be worried? 

We are surrounded by various technologies. Starting from our cell phones to our smart home appliances. It might be making our life easier but at the same time, we are in threat of electromagnetic interference which is affecting our health in more ways than we know. EMI in forms of induction and radiation emitted from a device as simple as the mobile phone, can have severe effects on the performance of an electronic circuit and thus cause catastrophic issues. This can hinder the growth of RNA and DNA cells in the human body which further causes skin diseases.  

What do we do?

Amidst these rising problems, there is ‘a solution’ in sight- through the invention of smart textiles such as the EMI shielding garment. EMI Shielding is the process of preventing the piercing of the electromagnetic fields by blocking them with the help of the conductive materials.


types of emi shielding GaRMENT

Metal coated fabrics- Textiles are covered with a metallic layer to make it conductive.

Composite Yarn Fabrics – Mixing metallic like fibres of steel, copper with existing textile fibres

Conducting Polymer Material – Polymerization of conducting polymers 

Non-Woven -Can be made conductive by covering conductive polymers to like metal particles or made via carbon fibres



EMI shielding garment would, undoubtedly, prevent the electromagnetic waves from causing damage to the human body. EMI shielding garment would change the way we perceive our conventional textiles because these fabrics would look like any ordinary garment but it would provide protection of EMI and RF radiations wherever you are or whatever device you use.


In the near future, there will be a time when these garments would prevent the damage and at the same time heal the wearer, if there are any kind of issue caused by the EMI radiation. The EMI shielding garment would of course block the harmful radiation but it would also warn the wearer of the potential damage beforehand so that the wearer would know how much time to spend on the device. 

EMI Shielding Garment would be used even more extensively to solve the issues across military, defense, communication systems, appliances, aerospace and more.

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