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The Danger

Pregnancy: A very miraculous yet very sensitive time for women. Protection is must during this delicate period and undoubtedly, the mother needs to take extra care of the unborn child. It is easy to secure the baby from the risks in physical form but what about the ones that can’t be seen? 

Exposure of electromagnetic fields from the electronic devices are life threatening danger to your unborn. Studies have also revealed that pregnant women who were exposed to high levels of EMF were 80% more likely to have miscarriages; slower than normal growth of the child and in the worst case, even leukemia. This calls for a high need for EMI Shielding Maternity Garments.

EMI Shielding Maternity Garment- The Much Needed Technology

The latest technologies have enabled the world with more contemporary solutions. Textile-based protection equipment deserves more credits than it usually gets. The conventional garment when merged with metal-infused fabric can block the harmful radiation hence, saving lives of both the mother and the baby. Such an invention is the EMI Shielding Maternity Garments.

EMI Shielding Maternity Garments provide a path of resistance for EMFs to pass around the material rather than passing through it. The intensity of protection of a shielding garment is measured by its attenuation level. It is usually measured in decibels. The higher the decibel, the more shielding is provided. 

Generally, the shielding apparel is made of either silver or stainless steel. These possess the highest level of shielding power. These materials are then mixed with either rayon, polyester or cotton to give it a comfortable feel. 

The most common EMI/RF shielding garment for maternity is made from silver and lies somewhere between 25-50 decibels (99% shielding effect).

Why Choose an EMI Shielding Maternity Garment?

All the expectant mothers should definitely opt for the EMI Shielding Garment for maternity. Apart from protecting and blocking the radiation, which are important factors to consider, these garments also are durable and would last for a very long time given proper care and maintenance.

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