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We focus on the research and development of state-of-the-art technologies to support our mission to revolutionize Indian domestic textile and garment industries in commercializing new and competitive categories of smart and functional products.  

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Testing and Standardization

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Ongoing Projects

Advanced Fabric – Indian Flag

Fabric for the national flag must sustain India’s diverse climatic and geographical conditions. Our flag’s materials is selected and designed specifically to make it durable for extreme weather conditions without being too heavy 


E-Textiles – The Next Frontier of Wearables

Our E-Textile technology includes the integration of smart sensor/actuator materials in garments for non-invasive health monitoring. Such fabric sensor and actuator help to detect the individual’s vital signs and retransmit them via wireless sensor technology to provide continuous feedback on the health status. 


Shape Memory Technology

Shape Memory Textiles are novel fabrics that respond to the temperature stimulation. Our technology can be used by different textile and apparel industries to impart smart functionalities to their garment or textile products such as self fitting socks, soft actuators, wrinkle free garment, pressure garments, etc.


Functional Finishing

Functional finishing on textiles represent the next generation of finishing industry, which, make textile materials act by themselves. We have vast experience in imparting functional finishes for your textile and garment products like Flame resistance, Protective Finishes, Liquid Barrier, Antimicrobial, UV Protective Finishes, Wrinkle free, Water Proofing Finishes, UV Finishes, etc.

Advanced Knitting

Knitting is useful for rapid manufacture of complex shapes with its diverse capabilities. Our team has vast experiences in weft and warp knitting technologies to meet the technical and functional requirement for the product. 

Technical Textiles Innovation

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