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Face mask have become a daily essential yet there still remains so many rumors questioning the benefit of wearing a face mask. There are a group of people who believe that the N95 masks are the most effective against vulnerabilities. On the other hand, there are people who believe that there is nothing as comfortable and protective as the disposable surgical masks.

We are busting the myths of face masks no matter if it is cloth or cotton, this article will help clarify the doubts regarding protective face masks. Read on to encourage your loved one to leave all the rumors at bay and start wearing a mask.

Myth No.1 – Cloth face masks aren’t effective hence, provide no protection.

Cloth Face Masks are also very effective. Especially when the face masks have added features such as adjustable nose pins or ear loops or even both, it will provide a very snug fit which creates a barrier between the nose and the mouth. Cloth masks are soft and will help you to avoid touching your face.

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Myth No.2 – Face mask causes carbon dioxide (CO2)  build up

This isn’t true. Some people believe that carbon dioxide from exhaling gets trapped under the cloth mask and it causes sickness. The fact is that properly fitted masks offer enough airflow while your nose and mouth are still covered. 

Myth No.3 – You only need to wear a mask when you feel sick

This is the most common and ‘false’ notion that people have regarding face masks. The WHO has declared that wearing a face mask is helpful in curbing the spread of viruses and diseases. The masks provide protection to both the affected and non-affected. It’s important for everyone to wear protective masks especially when they go outside.

Myth No.4 – Kids shouldn’t wear masks because they are less likely to catch diseases.

Do not believe in this. Unless your child is younger than 2 years or has health issues related to breathing, face masks for kids are as important as it is for adults. It is the most important for school going kids to wear masks for protection.

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Myth No.5 – It’s unsafe to wash and reuse face masks.

This might be true for few people who take their safety very seriously. However, cloth or cotton face masks are washable and reusable and also very safe (both for the wearer and Mother Earth.) The safety of these masks entirely depends on how you wash it. Face masks, generally, should be washed under mild washing conditions. If at all, the masks have been damaged after washing, it is highly recommended to use a new one. 

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