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Protective face masks are an important and a must-have accessories for all. At this stage, everyone already has their type of face masks for protection. It can be against various microorganisms (e.g. Coronavirus). 

Here are a few things that can be considered to help you choose the most suitable protective face masks for you. 

1. Face masks that are washable and reusable. 

Be a little kind to mother earth. It’s very important that you go for reusable face masks rather than the ones that are for one-time use.. Face masks that are reusable and washable also don’t burn a hole in the pocket. Masks that can be washable are eco-friendly and safe for the user.

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2. Face masks with head loop, ear loop and flexible nose pins

Comfort is key when it comes to protective face masks that can be suitable for longer wear. Face masks with headloop, earloop, and nose pin provide for more adjustable fit and don’t suffocate.

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3. Cotton Face Masks

Face masks made with cotton are soft, more breathable and even recommended for protection against small particles like viruses.Cotton face masks with prints are in trend as it looks stylish.

Now, before you buy a protective face mask for yourself or your loved ones, do consider these aforementioned points. 

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