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Smart Textiles are technology integrated fabrics which further provides added value to the user. We are talking about clothing that have the ability to do numerous things than just sitting on top. (Hail! Technology.)

Textile that are able to sense stimuli from the environment and adapt to them. It’s a boon for healthcare and sports sectors, as they are increasingly being used by these two sectors to monitor muscle vibration, regulate body temperature and provide protection from various hazards.

E-textiles are technologically multi-faceted and can help to enhance an individual’s lifestyle.

Amalgamation of technology into clothing has become a way to sustainability.

A few potential smart textile technologies and their applications that would change the world are as follows:

These smart textile fabrics emit perfume when it senses sweat or odor. These could be a prominent smart textile for sports. 

Such textiles could protect the wearer from UV rays, or maintain the temperature of the body or can have anti-allergen properties- adding value to the conventional garments. Clothes? No. Smart Clothes.

These are also known as chameleon fibres due to their colour changing feature depending on the temperature, pressure or other external factors. Smart Textiles in fashion is not just about beauty. How interesting is that!

Smart textiles as such have smart sensors embedded in the fabric that they emit light when in the dark area. 

A relevant smart textile for the medical or defense, these smart fabrics are resistant to water or other liquid. Who likes liquid stains anyway?

Smart textiles fibres combined with electronics could result in garments that would monitor the body temperature, heartbeat, respiratory rate and blood pressure of the wearer. 

The antimicrobial properties in the smart textile fabric fight against the microorganisms including bacteria, virus and fungi. Stay protected yet stylish.

Smart textile fibres in the garment say, for the frontline workers, could be used as a shield to protect them against unfathomable disasters. After all, they deserve it. 

Smart textile industry has been up a notch with smart garments which interact with the wearer via phone or voice control. (*Iron Man vibes*)

Smart textile sensors integrated in the wearable textiles will make it easy for the wearer. For example the music incorporated gym wear. (Forget earphones.)

Global Industry Trends

The Global smart textiles market reached a value of US$ 3.4 Billion in 2019, moving forward, the market is expected to reach a value of US$ 9.3 Billion by 2025, exhibiting CAGR of 18% during 2020-2025.

Emerging trend of miniaturization of electronic, along with the increasing integration of smart textiles into wearable devices is one of the key factors.

Beyond 2021 integrated electronic textiles will permeate diverse business sectors, providing integrated communication services, touch sensing remote control, energy harvesting and charging embedded during the formation of the textile structure.

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