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T-shirts are probably the most underrated garment. This simple garment doesn’t really get the credit it deserves. Also, they are comfortable to wear and don’t cost too much. 

A study states that approximately 2 billion t-shirts are sold globally, each year. (Imagine that)

It is the most common piece of garment likely to be found in the wardrobe of all the genders and age groups.

Even famous personalities can’t get enough of their favourite t-shirt. You must have seen Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, wearing comfortable t-shirts in dark colors, most of the time. 

We bet there are people in this world who still only wear or have worn t-shirt with their choice of bottom wear, their entire life. 

People usually purchase either because of the t-shirt brand or the t-shirt design (graphic, prints, quotes, images, etc,.) But what if we told you that now t-shirt can also protect you against the risks of viral diseases? 

It’s all TRUE.

E-Tex Kawach( an IIT Delhi based start-up) brings to you the all new Kawach T-shirts in Round Neck for both men and women; Polo and V-Neck for men.

.What’s so different about Kawach T-shirts?

We are not bragging but there are some unique features in all our t-shirts and we don’t shy away to talk about them. Here are 5 features that will make Kawach T-shirts the ‘talk of the town’

The Kawach T-shirts provide protection against microbes- bacteria, virus, germs, pollutants and others. Yes. We have done our research. The team at Kawach ( the masterminds behind Kawach face masks). Wearing masks would protect you but wearing it along with these antimicrobial t-shirts will provide extra protection and keep the risks away. Hence, we proudly say our tees are ‘an-tee-microbial’ (see what we did there?)

The hot and sometimes, humid summers make it very difficult for any garment we wear because of sweat and the stink that fails the best perfumes. Kawach T-shirts for men and women with anti-odour technology saves you from this problem.

These t-shirts have been made in India with locally produced material. So each time you wear a Kawach t-shirt, you are actually making a local craftsman smile. These also contribute to the Government’s ‘Atma Nirbhar Bharat’ initiative. We are vocal for local and want to make you a part of it as well. (*plays ‘Mere desh ki dharti’.. in the background*)

Kawach T-shirts have been made with premium and organic cotton which makes them very soft to touch and comfortable to wear for long hours. It’s a no brainer that t-shirts made from cotton fabric are both reusable and washable. The cotton T-shirts by Kawach are your ultimate choice in quality and comfort.

The term just sits on the description of every t-shirt packaging or catalogue but no one describes what it actually is. Let us explain it to you. Bio-wash a.k.a bio-polishing is a permanent finish that is usually done on cotton fabric to enhance its softness and luster of the fabric at the same time preserving the color. Kawach T-shirts are bio-washed to give it a very soft feel and the colors don’t fade even after several washes.

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