A startup incubated at IIT Delhi



Antimicrobial clothing keeps you protected from various microorganisms as well as keeps the odour away caused by excessive sweating. Stay protected yet very trendy.


Now more than ever, it has become vital for the apparel to become liquid repellent, which is why this property in our fabric eliminates the risk of diseases by blocking the penetration of any liquid.


Textile based wearable technology is one of the most recent growing trends across the world. This challenging research field requires interdisciplinary approaches to make an innovation in the development of wearable E-Textile products for defense, sports, health monitoring, communication, fashion and many more application areas.


Fabric filters are engineered with a sophisticated layer configuration, effectively impeding airborne particle penetration. Smart designs optimizes the filtration efficacy, ensuring an elevated level of protection. We are cutting-edge technology in safeguarding respiratory health.