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T-Shirts or in the most modern lingo, ‘Tees’ – are the most understated garment. T-shirts are a complement to an effortless casual look for men, women and kids. You want to head out? You are probably already thinking about a comfortable T-shirt and jeans. 

Read along to find out everything you ever wanted to know about t-shirts. 

Where Did It All Start? 

The history of T-shirts is as interesting as the garment itself. The T-shirt began its journey by being the undershirt. Up until 1920, the garment didn’t even have a name if not for the famous author, F. Scott Fitzgerald, who came up with the term ‘T-shirt.’ 

The Hollywood Effect

T-shirts were still popularly being worn as an undergarment until the 20th century. However, in 1950, Marlo Brando donned a white T-shirt and made it an iconic fashion statement in the movie A Streetcar Named Desire.  Then entered James Dean who also highlighted the elegance of the T-shirt

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The Neckline Variations 

The timeless and most preferred style of t-shirt. The Round Neck has a circular neckline which provides a snug fit around the neck. This style of t-shirt in a good colour when paired with the perfect jeans still turns the heads of many. 

Earlier worn by polo players, this t-shirt style has found its place even in the casual and formal attires. The t-shirts can come with buttons for a more formal look. Polo t-shirts are becoming a growing trend among women as well. A pair of jeans or pants along with a polo t-shirt is enough to take the look, a notch up.

With a neckline that is shaped like ‘V’, this contemporary t-shirt is the need of both men and women. V- neck t-shirts partially flatter your collar bone. A V-neck t-shirt is highly recommended for people with round faces. Popular brands like Zara, H&M, Lacoste and others are gradually producing more V-neck t-shirts as it is quite the style of the hour.

A blend of crew neck and V-necklines, the Y-neck t-shirt is the next hot thing for men and women alike. The Y-neck can come with a line of buttons to raise the overall look of the t-shirt meanwhile, giving out a very formally casual look that can be worn to both formal and informal events. 

The Style Factor

The classic and good old plain-colored t-shirt can never go wrong. It is a must-have wardrobe staple for men and women. It is believed that everybody has one plain-coloured t-shirt that is irreplaceable with any styles or types of necklines. A plain or single toned t-shirt can be matched with any kind of jeans, pants, shorts or even skirts for an effortless look.

Graphic t-shirts are a trend that is here to stay. Graphic tees are most famously worn during music festivals by men and women. It actually makes for a very relaxed fashion statement. All thanks to the punk movement, graphic t-shirts are still the number one choice of youngsters and teenagers. 

Whether it is the favorite dialogue from your favourite movie or any line or quotation that best describes you, a printed t-shirt conveys it all. Especially in India, people are opting for t-shirts with quirky messages written in both English and Hindi. A plain t-shirt is like the canvas to share your thoughts with the world. Printed t-shirts have gained traction even on the runway these days.

Add a little aesthetic effect to a plain t-shirt with a little pocket on the left side of the garment, that matches the color of the t-shirt or is in a darker, lighter or a different shade. The little pocket might not do as much as a pocket should do but it adds a lot of style factor. 

It’s all in the Sleeves

T-shirts can be differentiated with the type of sleeves as well. The iconic half sleeve that defines a t-shirt is the most sought after category. On the other hand, the full sleeve or quarter sleeves are the new trend that is doing very well with men. The sleeveless t-shirt is a summer favourite for all hip and casual look especially for those who have muscular body and they want to flaunt it. 

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