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Unlocked finally- Delhi is in its unlocking phase again after going through a few dreadful months but this time in a more heedful way. Malls, markets and offices have been allowed to re-open with 50% capacity of the employees and staffs.

All these have been possible with the hard work and dedication of our healthcare workers who have put in all their efforts, day and night. Secondly, all the essential service providers who have provided their services door to door for the convenience of those who stay back home. Everyone has made their equal contribution to bring down the numbers of the infected cases. 

However, even if the city might be unlocked, it is still crucial to wear face masks and at the same time follow all the necessary COVID-19 guidelines for the safety of one and all. Moreover, the nationwide vaccination drive is still going on, so it’s beneficial for everyone to take their shot as soon as possible. 

A few important points to remember before taking the next steps during the unlock are as follows:

1.Double Masks, Double Protection

The deadly rise in the cases past months were a clear indication that wearing double face masks can be highly protective. The best way to wear double masks is to wear a cloth mask first and top it with a N95 mask for comfortable wear. 

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2. Three’s a Crowd

As much as it is necessary to go out and carry out daily activities, do not be among the crowd. Maintain physical distancing when such an incident cannot be avoided but always remain away where there are a bunch of people together.

3.It’s all in the Tee

Summers in Delhi and excessive sweating are the never ending story. Combined with the germs that are built each time we sweat and the odour causing bacteria, it’s enough for everyone to hate summers. The Kawach T-Shirts have antimicrobial and anti-odour properties that steer clear of microbes.

4. The Hands that CAN Save Lives

Wash your hands regularly. It is best to carry hand wash and soaps in portable dispenser bottles. Sanitize your hands after every 10-15 minutes when you cannot wash your hands with water. 

5. Home – Safe Haven

Lastly, if there’s any opportunity to stay home, please do. Do not step out until very necessary. Staying home is the safest option to curb the spread. 

All in all, the very simple thing to do is to wear face masks- vaccinated or not. Therefore, the city might unlock but do not un-mask. 

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