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Why Choose Kawach?

Kawach by IIT Delhi Startup develops protective face masks for men, women and kids. The face masks are not only for protection against minute particles  but they also are a shield against germs, pollutants, bacteria, smog and dust. 

The Kawach face masks by IIT Delhi are washable and reusable. There are cotton face masks for men, women, girls and kids. The cotton face masks are antiviral, anti-dust and anti-pollutant as well. The cotton made face masks are washable upto 30 times under mild washing conditions. They are reusable and thus protect the environment too.

Kawach face masks are very affordable and effective. These protective face masks have 98% filter efficiency along with some unique features such as antimicrobial, antiviral and water repellent properties. 

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The Best Sellers

Kawach Pro- Kawach Pro is the premium face mask. This face mask is for both men and women. It is washable and reusable. The face mask with adjustable nose and ear loop provides optimum comfort without compromising protection.

Kawach Elite- Another premium Kawach face mask that has antimicrobial properties. Kawach Elite is washable and reusable. This protective face mask with headloop and/or ear loop is available for men and women.

Kawach Face Masks for Kids 

Kawach face masks for kids are available in two categories. Kawach Inspire and Kawach Kids’ Fashion face masks. These cotton face masks are super breathable and small in size. These face masks are perfect for the kids. The protective face masks for kids are washable and reusable. Kawach Kids’ Fashion face masks are cotton face masks which are soft and available in different patterns and designs. Kawach Inspire is stylish face masks with knit-mesh design available in black and white.

Where to Buy Kawach Face Masks?

You can purchase Kawach face masks from the website ( where you can get it at low prices with lots of offers and discounts. You can also buy Kawach face masks online from Amazon, Myntra and Flipkart.

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